Trip Report Asia 2013: Day 16: Fredy Day One

We awoke again this morning to another glorious Bali morning – haven’t had a lick of bad weather this whole time (and really apart from our first night in KL haven’t had bad weather at all for the holiday – touch wood!!)

We had booked our favourite driver – Fredy – to drive us around today, as you will remember from last year we used Fredy, who is a member of the Drivers With Distinction Team, to help us see more of this magical island.  We wanted to give our friends the same experience – although this time we wouldn’t be taking the “Extreme” Tour (for more details check our blog from last year!).  Fredy’s extreme tour is awesome but not sure our Friends would have appreciated it.

Quick breakfast this morning, rather than walking down to the beach we just popped into Surati Coffee Shop on Jl Double Six just down from our villa. 


Just not 100% sure on the combination of Bacon, Egg, Sausage, and CHIPS….


Really nice food well prepared, although the service was a little slow – I suspect the kitchen isn’t terribly huge so it took them a bit of effort to cook all 4 meals at once.

Fredy Day:

It was good to catch up with Fredy again, he is always good fun and never without a smile on his face. Nothing is too much trouble for him.  First stop today were the Tegalalang Rice Terraces just outside of Ubud.  These are a really pretty terrace – really steep hills.  They are especially pretty early in the morning as you catch the light just dancing over the top of the terraces, makes for some lovely photos.



After a few photos and a chance to stretch the legs we moved up to the lovely little mountain village of Kintamani.  This place offers a great view of Mt. Batur the somewhat still active volcano so we stopped to take a few pictures. 


The lava field below is an amazing landscape so Fredy decided he would take us for a tour/drive through the Lava Field! Now I was starting to worry this is Fredy’s new EXTREME Tour!


Such an amazing landscape, and truly almost alien, hard to picture what it would have been like when this was barrelling down the volcano towards people! Some of the rocks were at least 2 to 3 stories high.  Really cool experience – make sure you get Fredy to take you down through there.

We popped out the other side onto the area of Lake Batur and went to check out the view of the Lake and Mountain from a little place called Restoran Apung, and the Kedisan Resort. 



How is that for a relaxing view to sit and sip a cocktail, read a book or just contemplate life….

This is the coolest looking hotel and restaurant that is actually almost out in the Lake! Really cool view and amazing little bungalows that you can stay in reasonably cheaply.  Was still a bit early so we decided not to stop to eat, plus we had plans for where we wanted to eat.

Our main stop for the day was Pura Tirta Empul this is the holy spring water temple.  It is a really amazing calming place, really special spiritual site for the Balinese and also a lovely environment to spend some time.  Also if you go with Fredy he has a few hidden secrets to get you in and out of the temple without being hassled by the Market Ladies at the exit! I wont tell you here – you have to book Fredy!




After spending some time at the temple we headed up to Kampung Cafe for lunch.  We stopped here last year for Lunch with Fredy and loved the food,  as well the view is pretty lovely into the valley.  You can actually also stay here the rooms look amazing!


This is the view from the upper floor of the restaurant, you can sit downstairs as well.  You can see off in the distance on of the rooms you can stay in.




Food was top notch, they also have a pretty good cocktail menu as well. 

There are a few other temples you can check out in this area however there are some with quite a lot of stairs which our friends weren’t going to be able to manage so we decided to start heading back to home.  We did a quick “drive-by” through the Monkey Forest Road in Ubud just to see what had changed since last year, and also to introduce our friends to Ubud before we head up here in a few days.


Back to the villa for a few Pre-Dinner drinks (you can easily lose track of time when you are drinking out of Big Karl!).  After a drink or eight we stumbled down the road to find something for dinner, and ended up at Cafe Marzano again. 


We had a hilarious night, full of laughs and craziness – the staff there were really lovely especially Comink, he was a lovely man who got our humour and made the night an amazing time. 


The pizzas were amazing and the whole night was also amazing value!  Sorry that this is the extent of the pictures I can post here – it was a bit of a messy night so not much of value recorded on the memory card – well not that I am prepared to share in cyber-space.


Ok back to the villa to sleep off these drinks – see you tomorrow.  Lets hope we wake up in time to get to our Breakfast reservation at Biku!

As always thanks for reading along with my blog – please feel free to add your comments below, and make sure you jump online and book Fredy for your next tour.

Bali Fredy – Drivers with Distinction Team