Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Day 12: Departure Day

We knew this day would have to come at some point – the end of the holiday.  Fortunately though our flight out this evening wasn’t until just after midnight.  So we would have… Continue reading

Day 11: Ubud (Last Full Day)

Today would be the last full day we have in Bali, tomorrow we start the packing and head back to Brisbane to resume what will now be boring lives. Before we went to… Continue reading

Day 10: Kuningan Day

Today is known as Kuningan Day.  It is a very special day on the Balinese Hindu Calendar and is a day of celebration.  We hadn’t really planned much today on account of the… Continue reading

Day 9: Fredy Day Three (Fredy’s Understudy)

We awoke again to the sounds of a glorious Ubud Morning.  Really I can’t see how I can ever drag myself away from this peace and return to Brisbane.  Seriously this place has… Continue reading

Day 8: Cooking Class

So when you come to Bali the #1 thing on the agenda is to take a cooking class.  The difficult decision is where to take it – there are so many to choose… Continue reading

Day 7: Fredy Day Two: Temple Day

We awoke to a glorious Ubud Morning – – That is a short video I shot from the front door to our room. After showering and getting ready we headed up for Breakfast,… Continue reading

Day 6: Legian to Ubud

So after the fun and excitement of yesterday we moved today to Ubud.  We had spent 5 nights in Legian, staying at the All Seasons – and I figured that if Ubud was half… Continue reading

Day 5: Day Tour – Fredy Day 1

After the past 4 days we haven’t really strayed too much further than Seminyak or Kuta – so we were quite excited today to get out and explore Bali a little more.  Before we… Continue reading

Day 4: Kuta

Ok so yesterday’s post was a little long winded – in an effort to save you all from being stuck reading this for half your day I will try to compress today into… Continue reading

Day 3: Bali Takes Hold

Our first few days in Bali had been pretty unplanned and casual – we have booked some tours later in the trip but I figured we would just take a couple of days… Continue reading