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A rare shot of myself on the blog – there is a reason I became a photographer – to avoid having my picture taken.

What are you doing reading this page – get started and read the blog.  My name is Ross and I am a photographer from Brisbane, Australia.  I have put this blog together as a central place to store my journals, stories and notes about my travels.

I have been travelling since 2005, throughout Asian and Europe.  As like many travellers the moment I got on that first plane to go on my first trip away I was hooked.  Life became about travelling and the time between travelling.

What are you going to get on this blog?  Well I am not a professional writer – I don’t have a Thesaurus full of emotive flowery words or descriptions to use to describe these places to you.  We don’t get invited to sample the latest VIP travellers packages (although attention VIP travel companies feel free to send me an invitation), we are just your standard average travellers.  So what that means is that I can give you a first hand realistic experience of travelling this world – what to expect when you first hit the ground and some tips on where to stay.

Am I some kind of expert?  Nope.  I am just a traveller like you – and this is Just My Travel Blog so you are going to get my opinion and my experiences.

Disclaimer: My experiences may differ to your own – that’s the magic of travelling and experiencing the world, get out there and tell your story.

This blog is also my place to store my random travel musings, I never thought of myself as a “creative” type person, so it is my goal that through this blog I will improve my creativity and be better able to describe this amazing world, and my experiences.


What is my ultimate goal with this site? 

That is a great question – first up I want to create an ever growing resource of information about the places that I go in the hope that I am able to provide some assistance to others who want to get out and experience the world.  And I hope you will enjoy reading along with me.

The ability to travel the world is a precious gift – never forget there are thousands of people who will never get the opportunity to see and experience what we can – and when I travel I try to appreciate every experience.

I haven’t yet been able to quit my day job to travel the world but stand-by I am sure it will happen at some stage.

Thanks for stopping by – if you enjoy this blog please subscribe and leave me some comments on my posts.  Also I have a Facebook page – JustMyTravelBlog feel free to like that page so that you can keep up to date of my experiences.