Trip Report Asia 2013: Day 17: Seminyak/Legian

We were woken quite early this morning by a massive bang! The power dropped out, it sounded like one of the big electrical transformers on the street blew a fuse.  The power was out for about 30 minutes so not too bad.

The only problem was that the power failure seemed to knock out the Electronic Safe in the room, so we gave Chris (the manager) and Win (Mr. Fix-it) a call and they got a guy out in about 10 minutes to open the safe for us.  Can’t fault Chris at all for his service and the way he has these Villa’s managed.  Nothing is too much trouble and should something go wrong it will be fixed up quickly.

Our breakfast option this morning was actually up at Biku, when we were there for high tea the other day we decided to book in for breakfast.  The menu at Breakfast is just as nice as for lunch/high-tea, sorry no photos – we just all dove in and ate our meals…



After breakfast we decided to stretch the legs and walk along the beach a little bit.  Biku isn’t far from the beach so we walked down the road and then along the water line for a while.


As we always seem to end up doing we walked the whole way back to Jl Double Six. It really isn’t that far when you walk along the beach, and it is a glorious view

HOT TIP: The sun in Bali has a tendency to burn your skin if you forget to put on sun lotion, bear that in mind if you plan on walking from Biku to Jl Double Six!

By now it was at least 11:30am and we needed a refreshment, so we headed along to Mozzarella by the Sea.  There are actually about three Mozzarella restaurants in Bali now, I prefer the view and drinks here but like to eat at the one on Jl Padma.



The view is pretty special – and gives you a great chance to relax and do a spot of people watching.  Plus the 2-for-1 cocktails make life a little easier as well.

After a few drinks we headed along to Jl Padma Utara which runs behind Mozzarella, you actually end up walking through the grounds of the Hotel Maharta, nice looking place but I would prefer a bit more privacy in my hotel stay – ie. people not walking through….

Our destination for Lunch was a little Warung we found on our last trip to Bali that we had to come back to, and probably one of the cheapest Warungs we have found in Bali.  WarungYogya-1

Warung Yogya on Jl Padma Utara, is a hidden little paradise!


The smallest little kitchen, there are only about 6 tables in this place, and during peak periods around Lunch and Dinner there is often a queue of people waiting to get in.


Good clean food – the Mie Goreng was about 22k from memory


The Gado Gado was 12k.  Great portion sizes and the food is well prepared and clean.  Our favourite little gem in Legian.

After lunch we jumped in a taxi to take us back to the villa – snagged another funny driver who regaled us with stories about his marriage to Miss Universe Australia Jennifer Hawkins, his Mum Pauline Hanson and his starring role in the upcoming movie – Chappelle….. Sometimes a good friendly sense of humour is all you need to make you smile.  It is interesting to note those drivers who have a great business sense to realise that happy customers who you have a chat with are more likely to leave a tip compared to those you wont talk to.

Back to the villa and headed straight nextdoor to the Spa for a quick buff and polish – 2 hours of “work” – Massage, Facial, Body Scrub – for 210k ($21AUD) that is not bad at all!

Sunset Drinks – Crystal Palace Beach Bar


What can I say we are creatures of habit – I promise next holiday we will try new places for our sunset cocktails….


There is a seriously relaxing vibe about this place, the four of us tended to just hit those beanbags and go into a trance.  Such a calming place – even amongst all the crazy beach people and sellers.


What a sunset this afternoon – the cloud cover cleared just at the right time to give us some amazing colours.  This is our last Sunset shot as tomorrow we move up to Ubud.

Dinner – ABC (Amazing Bali Cafe)

Decided to try somewhere new for Dinner, the ABC (Amazing Bali Cafe).  They are on the beach (literally) just across the road from Cocoon Beach Club.  They have dinning tables and chairs set up in the sand.  Food was really tasty, well prepared and good service.  Fairly quiet night tonight, I think the heat and sun from our walk down from Biku took it out of us.  



Back to the villa to pack our goods up and prepare to move to Ubud.  Looking forward to our #1 driver Fredy picking us up in the morning.

Thanks again for reading this blog – I appreciate the comments you have been leaving on my other posts thank you.  See you tomorrow.