Things to see in Osaka: Dotonbori (Minami)

Located around the Namba Station, Minami is one of Osaka’s two major city centres. It is also one of the most famous entertainment districts in Osaka. Home to thousands of neon signs that light up the Dotonbori area especially along the Dotonbori Canal.

The famous Glico Running Man in Dotonbori. This neon sign is one of the most recognised images of Osaka

This area is definitely best visited at night time to get a full picture of the amazing neon lights and crowds. Some of the restaurants around this area are open 24 hours to the Dotonbori area really never sleeps.

The Ebisu Bridge in Osaka is a great place to stand and take in all the neon.

One of the more famous sights in the area is the “Glico Running Man” a large neon sign that has been shining since 1935. It is a symbol of the Glico Candy company and is probably the most recognised symbol of Osaka other than the castle.

There are so many food options here. We stopped here for some beer and fried Izakaya.

As you walk around the streets there will be so many food and drink options it is almost overwhelming. You will want to come here on an empty stomach and be prepared to EAT. Hint: Order as small a portion as you can, there are so many places here you will want to try lots. And don’t forget to stay hydrated.

Adequate hydration is key to enjoying your time in Dotonbori.


The other iconic image of Osaka, the Kani Doraku Crab. Built in 1960 this mechanical billboard moves it’s arms and eyestalks.

Around the Dotonbori area there are a number of shopping centres and arcades, including the Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade and the Ebisubashi Shopping Arcade. Be warned at night they can get extremely busy – to the point where you will barely be able to move!

Thanks for following along with today’s post just a short one today to show you the amazing Dotonbori area. Have you been to Osaka? Let me know in the comments section below which was your favourite area.

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