Trip Report Asia 2013: Day 15: Bali (Legian/Seminyak)

Another lazyish day today – started with our usual trek West towards the waterfront in search of Breakfast.  Our destination this morning was Zanzibar Restaurant – the food was good but I think Dejavu may be winning out. 



Weather was a bit murky this morning, not a lot of sunshine just some broken clouds.  Still nice and pleasant though – not too hot.


The ladies again stuck to form and had the Eggs Benedict while Mike and I went with the Nasi Goreng for Breakfast.  All washed down with a pot of Bali Coffee!


Nasi wasn’t bad to be honest and the fresh juice was also a treat. 

We headed back to the hotel and picked up the laundry – there are plenty of places around Jl Double Six to get Laundry done – worked out at about 130k for about 40 pieces of laundry so not bad value. 

After all this hard work it was definitely time for our second massage of the holiday – I mean lets be honest we had deserved that!

To walk off the massage we headed up to Bintang Supermarket to restock the essentials.  This time adding mozzie coils and bug spray to the list.  The Villa is lovely but unfortunately the windows in the bedrooms don’t perfectly seal which allows a few little mozzies to sneak in – nothing some mozzie coils wont fix.


We stopped in at Cafe Seminyak for a quick lunch bite – and I know it isn’t Indonesian but I just really felt like a hamburger, they didn’t taste too bad actually, and our friends had the Butty Dog which was also really good.  Don’t judge me – occasionally I will have to break with tradition and just order something totally western!


Back to the room for a couple of Pre Pre-Dinner Drinks – and again Big Karl got a run with some lovely Mojitos. That is a ridiculously large glass, I swear that was at least 3 or 4 cocktails in there.


I just love the afternoon traffic chaos that is Jalan Double Six! Really pays to know the traffic flow before you jump in a cab, you could be stuck for a while – hence why we always try to walk.

Sunset drinks were back at our old favourite – Crystal Palace. The happy hour cocktails are only 45k each so you can afford to have a couple and the sunset today was pretty special!


The colours in the sky were just amazing, just enough cloud cover to add interest to the sky but not enough to obscure the sun on the horizon.


Take your photos quickly though because it has a tendency to drop pretty quick below the waterline.

Dinner tonight was at the ever popular 66 Corner bar.  It was absolutely choc full tonight, the NRL Semi-Finals were on so it was a little busy.  They didn’t have any tables free (unless we wanted to eat at the bar), so we were going to try somewhere else – but they actually made a spot for us.  The Bar had closed off the adjoining laneway to set up seating and a big screen TV for the game, but there were no lights out there and I don’t think anyone knew it was out there, so they cleared some seats and set us up our own private little candle lit table.  Was like our own private restaurant!


How romantic!


Our own private dinning room – just hope none of the locals tried to retake the street during our meal and ride down the laneway!



I had the Pork Ribs (approx. 90k) they were amazing, unfortunately the lack of light made it next to impossible to see anything – I mean I presume I ate pork ribs – oh well they were tasty enough.

Early to bed tonight – tomorrow is our first tour day with Fredy (you remember Fredy we spoke about him the other day).  So looking forward to catching up with my good friend Fredy again.

Thanks again for reading my blog – as always please feel free to leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.