Trip Report Asia 2013: Day 18: Moving to Ubud

Our last morning in the amazing Villa Raja.  Today we would be moving up to Ubud to spend a few nights at the amazing Alam Jiwa hotel, located just the other side of the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

Breakfast this morning was put to a vote – which of the options was the best breakfast we have had?  The resounding answer was Dejavu Restaurant.  So they got the title of being our favourite breakfast and where we had our last “beach” breakfast.





Really nice place – next time I wouldn’t mind trying to head back here for a dinner or a lunch.  Their menu looked pretty good.

Back to the villa to await Fredy to pick us up – he was going to have his work cut out for him today, 4 people, 8 bags, plus associated “essential items”.  I needn’t have worried, Fredy is never without a smile and nothing is ever any problem for our Fredy.


We also award Fredy the 2013 Bali Tetris World Championship for his ability to cram all that in the back of his car – despite the size of that Subwoofer!!!!!!

We made it up to Ubud in pretty good time, traffic was pretty light this morning.  Our destination for the next few nights would be Alam Jiwa.  We had booked two rooms, Hanoman and Garuda – they are above each other so well located if you are staying in a group.  Alam Jiwa is a magical place, the staff are amazing and the rooms are devine.  I always cringe when I post anything online about this place because well…I don’t want you to go there – unless it is only at times I don’t need MY room!!!


We chose the Hanoman room, which is on the upper level.  The size of that bed!!! We each had our own Queen Size bed practically!


The upstairs balcony, big space – you can elect to take breakfast on the balcony each morning if you wish.   And because we were in a group we had decided that we would eat breakfast together tomorrow morning.  Lets hope the table is big enough – I remember how impressive the Alam Jiwa breakfast spreads were.


Lovely outdoor shower – although I must admit you need to get accustomed to farmers in the rice fields looking at you when you shower!


This is the doorway through to the bathroom,  I have had entire hotel rooms that are smaller than that bathroom area! So much space.


This is the Garuda Room on the ground floor.  The bedroom, still a decent sized bed (although I think we got the better one for size!)


Downstairs Balcony Area


Day bed and writing desk


Outdoor bathroom and shower.


Loved the Lotus Flowers – the gardens around the hotel are really special definitely take the time to walk through and check them out.

We decided for Dinner tonight that we would head down the road to the Laka Leke Restaurant, as they had the Kecak Fire Dance on as well as their Indonesian Buffet Dinner.  The hotel can make the reservation for you. 


We hadn’t seen any of the Balinese Dancing last time we were here so wanted to check out the Kecak Dance.  It was really enjoyable, a great story and really well presented.


Walked home after dinner, the village of Nyuh Kuning is so quiet and peaceful at night.

Somewhat of a short day today, didn’t get up to much – had a couple of drinks on the balcony before heading up to bed.


Tomorrow we will head in and explore Ubud.

Thanks again for reading my blog, see you tomorrow.