Bali Trip 2014: Day 12: Sanur Sunshine

What really Happens In Bali?  Well if you believe TV and mainstream media it is nothing but drinking and crazy risk taking.  Well here is our version – stay tuned for our quick 2 week escape from Australia heading over to Bali and Kuala Lumpur.

Well after a fantastic day yesterday, we awoke to our last full day in Bali.  Tomorrow we will be making the move back to Kuala Lumpur.  So best make hay while the sun shines!

Today’s Program:

  • Food
  • Spa
  • Shopping
  • *Repeat as necessary*

Woke up to a humid overcast day.  Perhaps Bali knows we are leaving tomorrow and wants us to stay…


Wandered up the road to Randy’s Cafe Bar & Restaurant for breakfast this morning.  They offer a really great fusion between Canadian and Indonesian Breakfast options. 


I chose the “Hungry Man’s Breakfast” – Bali Coffee, Juice, Eggs, Bacon, Hash Browns, French Toast.

You know you are in trouble when they need to bring your meal on two plates! It was really enjoyable – you will notice the Hash Browns are actually more like roast potato cubes – not to worry though it was really tasty. 



Meanwhile the wife ended up choosing the Canadian Breakfast – consisting of Eggs, Pancakes, Juice, Coffee.


The restaurant isn’t particularly big and it is somewhat open to the street so can get a little bit of traffic noise, but overall was a pleasant place to sit and enjoy our huge breakfasts.

All up it came to Rp93k – that can’t be right?  Yep that was it. Wow great value – we will definitely pencil this place in to come back to.


Nice place to sit and watch the bustling metropolis of Downtown North Sanur.   Sanur is a lovely sleepy little place of the morning – really relaxing place.

Spa Time

A full breakfast in our stomachs it was time to be pampered.  The destination was back to the lovely Black and White Beauty Salon & Spa.  I might have mentioned this previously but we both absolutely loved our treatments here – the staff are very professional.  The building is brand new. 

I had the 1 hr Balinese Massage (Rp100k) and Dan had the Traditional Hair Creme Bath (Rp90k).  The staff were a little confused because she only had one there two days prior.   But when she pointed out that tomorrow we leave Bali and she wanted her hair the best it could be, they were all smiling.

The massage was amazing – another handy tip, they have an incredibly clean shower upstairs that you can use after your shower to help get some of the oil off (so that half of Sanur beach doesn’t end up stuck to your skin).  It is flawlessly clean – with awesome water pressure (I am thinking of coming here each morning instead of showering in the hotel….).

Pampering time over we headed down towards Sindhu Beach area, we had never been any further North than the Sanur Market Restaurant, so decided to go on a bit of a walk up north.


The beach in front of the enormous Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel in Sanur – it is impeccably manicured – although does lack a bit of soul or character.


Check out this little beauty….. any of you lovebirds out there planning a wedding in Bali – well why not get married in a gigantic Diamond…. check out The Diamond Bali. It is most definitely a unique venue.


Well you can’t walk past the Sanur Sindhu Beach Market and not stop in at Toosie’s Fixed Price Store.  I mean 30kg Luggage Allowance on Air Asia appears to be a challenge my wife is not keen to fail so those last minute gifts for family and friends (and who are we kidding – ourselves).


All this walking worked up our appetite – so stopped in at the Sanur Beach Market Bar & Restaurant


This is a lovely little place that we definitely love to eat each time we are in Sanur.  They quite often have children from the local area working in the restaurant to help skill them and give them a chance to improve their english and tourism skills.  Always love to see their shy smiling faces.


True to form my wife had the Grilled Prawns – they are quite lovely – this is the 300gm serving, easily enough for 1 person.


I went against Muscle Memory and actually had a Burger.  It was nothing flash – just a burger and some salad but it was really tasty and just what I felt like.  I think by this point after 12 days of almost non-stop eating my stomach was reaching it’s limit.

All up for meals and drinks it was only Rp287k.

Spa Time

Ok I know what you are thinking – ANOTHER SPA? – yep – we headed back to Black & White for our last spa treatments in Bali. 

I got the Body Scrub while my lovely wife got a pedicure.  The body scrub as per all the other treatments I have had here was amazing – and my wife’s pedicure – well even as a bloke I can appreciate the quality of the work they performed.  Rp215k total for the both of them.


This is the building from the road, downstairs is the hair salon and upstairs is the pedicure and massage areas. 


The pricelist – most of the treatments are around the Rp90-Rp150k mark.  I know it is not the cheapest in Sanur, but definitely give it a try and I hope you will see it is worth a little extra.

After our spa we jumped in a cab down to Hardy’s just for those last minute essentials.  We also popped into the bookstore and picked up what I am convinced is our most valuable and important souvenir in Bali.


For Rp85k you can pick up a really handy folding map of Bali.


It features exploded detail sections of all the main parts of Bali, most of the main tourist areas have great detailed street map sections.  In planning our next trip to Bali this is definitely going to be a fantastic resource. 


I don’t know about you – but when trying to picture places in Bali it gets really difficult with the lack of clear maps, and even Google Maps is not a massive help as it doesn’t have all the streets labelled correctly nor all the major towns.  Worth picking one up (I know it is a little nerdy but trust me).


We jumped a taxi up to the North again and decided to head back to Randy’s for dinner.  The breakfast was so good we thought we would give dinner a try.


Entree – Poutin – Basically Fries with Gravy and Cheese.  I know it looks really “special” but it actually tasted pretty good.


Pork Ribs – My last meal of Pork for the whole holiday (given Kuala Lumpur is a predominantly Muslim city not much pork around), couldn’t pass up the ribs with some veg.


My wife also chose this as her opportunity to have her last Nasi Goreng for the holiday.  The meals here were amazing.  As I mentioned at breakfast the place is not huge, so you will be sitting pretty close to your fellow diners.


Hmm…couldn’t resist a dessert.  I managed to fit in a Chocolate Brownie to help wash down the Coffee.  All up for 1 Entree, 2 Dinners, 1 Dessert and 5 drinks – Rp315k.  Pretty good value really and a lovely way to close out our chapter in Bali.

Back to the hotel to pack our bags for the flight to Kuala Lumpur.  I do hope you will stick around for the rest of the blog – we love Kuala Lumpur almost as much as Bali.

Liked anything you heard from today’s blog?  Here is the summary of places we visited and their websites (where I could find them):



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