Things to see in Tokyo: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Just My Travel Notes)

Tokyo has a number of towers and observation decks in their skyscrapers. One of the more popular ones is the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building located in Shinjuku. The building stands 243 meters tall and has two towers. There are two observation decks (one in each tower) .

Quite an impressive structure. It is also refreshing that the Tokyo government thought to put observation decks on the building and open it to the public (for free).

In good weather they say you can see Mount Fuji – note that comment about “good” weather.

Try to spend a bit of time at each window point, the more you can take in the more little details you can make out in the sea of buildings. You will find small temples and unique buildings.

You can access the building by walking about 10 minutes from the JR Shinjuku Station West Exit, there is also a subway station (Tocho-mae) in the basement of the building. Admission is free. Yes FREE.

There are fairly fast lifts that will take you up to the tower, the lines were not too long when I visited, that said I noticed from the rope barrier fences that obviously the lines can sometimes get very very very long so perhaps try to get in early or late to avoid the crush.

Amazing skyline – if you manage to get up here on a clear day the distance you can see is amazing.

As I mentioned earlier though, do make sure you pick your time and weather. We tried the first day we were in Tokyo to check it out. Woke up and the weather wasn’t great but thought it might clear by the time we got to the tower.

That isn’t a visual effect in Photoshop – that is the view out the window – WHITE – Foggy – Cloudy – Nothing

As you see – when the cloud drops down low in Tokyo you can’t see anything! It was absolutely white out of every window. Despite not having anything to look at, it was kind of cool.

Anyway – certainly worth a look when you are in Tokyo. I am always amazed when I read online reviews for holiday tourist spots and read the negative reviews. This is a FREE attraction, there may be better views in Tokyo but it is FREE. Yep it gets busy, choose your times and if it is super busy, come back another day.

For more information on the building check out – Tokyo Metropolitan Government – opening hours are 9:30am-11:00pm – admission FREE – Nearest station – Tohomae Subway (or walk from JR Shinjuku).

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