Tokyo Vending Machine Dinner – Chikara Meshi

Japan is the centre of the universe when it comes to Vending Machines and their usage. Dinner tonight was at a lovely inexpensive place called Chikara Meshi.

Chikara Meshi – in the many streets and laneways around Shinjuku Station

The food here was actually really good. What made it interesting was that you didn’t actually order from the waitstaff or cooks in the centre, you ordered from a vending machine at the entrance. You pop your money in and make your selection. Then you give your receipt to the staff at the counter and they will prepare you meal.

Thankfully it had pictures which made the ordering process a lot easier. No English (or at least we couldn’t work out how to change the language)

Makes a lot of sense really, saves the staff having to handle money and avoids the usual delay when you go to a place and can’t make up your mind what you want to order.

I think this was beef, with a side of greens and potato. The food was quite inexpensive but tasted really great.
I think this was a beef set with miso soup…. I think….Sorry I wasn’t the best at translating what I was eating. I kind of pushed buttons on the vending machine and them the staff prepared the meal. That said it was really tasty.

Many tourists in Japan feel intimidated by eating at local restaurants, yes some of them only have Japanese menus but I can assure you if you look lost staff will usually help you out. You will also be certain of a darn good meal usually. So jump in and give it a go.

The details: Chikara Meshi (Shinjuku West Exit 1st Store) Open 24 hours

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