Just My Travel Notes: Things to do in Tokyo (Akihabara)

Another interesting place to check out in Tokyo is the area of Akihabara. The area of Akihabara is often also referred to as “Electronic Town” after the shear volume of electronic stores in the area.

Be prepared for an avalanche of neon lights. This area is bright. Really bright. So many lights you literally will be confused if it is day or night.

There are many electronic shops in this area, if you are shopping for camera gear or really anything electronic this is your place. A word of warning though is to check that what you are buying will work in your home country. Many of the products sold are only intended to work in Japan and the voltage or plug may not suit your home country.

Not every store appears to be PG Child Friendly so check the particular “Toy” store you are going into.

If you are in the market for Camera Equipment, the biggest retailer in the area is Yodabashi Camera. Their store here has over 9 floors with a huge variety of products.

Akihabara is also becoming quite the home of “Otaku” culture, which includes anime, manga, cosplay, collectables etc.

Whilst this might not be your particular ‘thing’ I would still encourage you to explore the area, have a look in some of the stores to experience some of this culture in Japan.

You will also see a number of “maid cafes” – these are places where the waitstaff dress as maids or sometimes anime characters. Likewise there will also be a number of “Manga Cafes” which are kind of like internet cafes where you can read comics and watch DVDs.

Akihabara is on the JR Sobu Line (yellow) and the fare is only about 170yen from Shinjuku station.

Thanks for reading along today. Let me know your thoughts about today’s post? Have you been to Tokyo? What about Akihabara?