Just My Travel Notes: Things to do in Tokyo: Harajuku

Located just a short train journey from Shinjuku is the area of Harajuku. Right next door to the serene and peaceful Meiji Shrine is the centre of Japan’s teenage culture and fashion.

Harajuku Station: The Harajuku station was opened in 1906, the station is serviced by the JR East Yamanote Line.

The area around Harajuku has a long history dating back to Pre-Edo periods in Japan and has been of significance ever since.

The most famous strip of shops in Harajuku – Takeshita Street. The centre of fashion, youth culture and ‘interesting’ characters.

Harajuku now though is probably most famous as a centre for Japanese Teenage/Youth fashion, and embraces a fashion style that is certainly anything but ordinary. Depending on the time of day you visit it is also jam packed with locals and tourists alike.

A shock to the senses – Takeshita Street has so many shops, restaurants and places to see. Walking along can be difficult in places as it gets extremely crowded.

Whilst it might seem like a place just for younger people it does have some interesting restaurants and provides a unique glimpse of some various sub-cultures within Tokyo.

Worth the wait, the GIANT cotton candy (Fairy Floss) sold at Tottii Candy Factory in Harajuku. Be prepared for the sugar rush that is certain to follow.

The two main shopping areas are Takeshita Street and to the south is Omotesando – a treelined street that many places refer to as Tokyo’s answer to the Champs-Elysees. It has more “adult” mature places to shop and perhaps some more mainstream fashion options.

Located on Omotsando Street is one of Japan’s most famous toy stores – Kiddy Land. Spread over FIVE floors you will find everything to keep kids (and adult sized kids) entertained including SnoopyLand.

The Harajuku area probably doesn’t have much “traditional” culture left these days but it is still worth a visit to check out some interesting and different views.

Tokyo’s Harajuku area certainly encourages everyone to embrace their style.

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