Weekly Photography Challenge: Surprise in Kyoto Japan

Each week the kind folks at The Daily Post provide a word and an inspiration for a photography challenge.  It has been a long time since I partook in one of these challenges so I figured I needed to get my backside in gear and start posting more.  This week’s challenge word was “surprise”.

Kyoto in the Afternoon

Kyoto’s Kiyomizu-dera temple bathed in afternoon sunlight was such a pleasant surprise

My first time in Kyoto I was surprised constantly.  I knew the city was full of historic and picturesque views but this temple really took my breath away.  After walking up the steep and busy streets in Kyoto’s Higashiyama District you reach the entrance to the temple.  By complete unprepared luck I arrived just around sunset.  On climbing the steps I turned around and saw that sight, the sun’s rays pierced through the latticework of the temple building.

For me this image was a complete surprise, the day had been a little overcast and dull, there were crowds everywhere and I did not expect that I would get anything close to a good photograph – then I managed to sneak this shot.

Not being one for deep thinking art philosophy I won’t spin a whole bunch of BS about this image, but for me it is magic – the sunset closing the day the rays of light touching the buildings and everyone, the way the shadows play against the different surfaces.  I am sure 1,000 other people have taken a variation of this image

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