Welcome to 2015 – Where next?

Postcards from Memories

New Years Day – a perfect time to think about places we have visited in the past and to plan for the future. Where are you planning on visiting in 2015?

New Years Day! What a perfect time to reflect on not only where we have come but where we will go in the future.  We have been so blessed to have travelled as much as we have, and our thoughts are with those who never got to travel or who will never get that opportunity.

As the new year dawns on us here we look back at the memories of past travels – it is amazing the emotions and memories evoked from a simple postcard.  In this modern millennium of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook the humble postcard has fallen out of favour replaced with a digital posting.  But only when you open the box of travel memories and mementos do you truly get to appreciate where we have been.

So the inevitable question remains where next?  2015 brings with us new possibilities and the prospect of exploring new countries.  Our first destination this year looks like Japan; a country that has long been on my “must visit” list – so 2015 let’s get there.

Happy New Year to all my followers – Where are you planning on visiting this year?  Leave a comment below – I would love to share in your holiday/travel plans.  Also any experts on Japan out there?  We will need some tips…..