Just My Travel Blog – Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth


This weeks’ Photo Challenge at The Daily Post challenged us to explore our definition of warmth.

Depending on which part of this amazing planet you inhabit at this time of year warmth means many different things.  Those of us down here in Australia are ‘enjoying’ 34C (93F) temperatures and warmth to us means getting out the sun, escaping to anywhere with air-conditioning or finding a nice shady pool to cool off in.

Weekly Photo Contest - Warmth

Warmth – Means different things to different people.  Sitting at a beach bar in Legian, Bali enjoying a cold drink while basking in the late afternoon warmth of the sun as it drops below the horizon over the magnificent Indian Ocean.

Warmth however also makes me think about those times when we have been really cold.  I remember back to Christmas 2007 when we were in Berlin & Prague.  Two places that are not particularly “warm” at this time of year – remembering back to Christmas night in Prague when I decided that at 10:30pm and -12C (10F), that it was the perfect weather to get out and photograph the Charles Bridge by night.

Charles Bridge by Night

For me when I think of Warmth I think of the cold. Charles Bridge by Night in Winter, -12 degrees!

There is a certain magic in the air of Prague.  Some will argue Prague is over-commercialised, that they only cater for the Contiki style of tourist.  But walking the majestic Charles Bridge by night is an amazing experience.  The only time you are likely to find it almost deserted and in winter it is a view that will only really reward the dedicated photographer.  Looking at that image I am taken back instantly to that night and the cold, but also the magnificent warmth I felt – wrapped up in layers upon layers of clothing you can’t help but be warm – however the Gothic streets of Prague evoke a warmth that draws you in.  I can’t picture visiting this city in the summer – the magic of winter will be hard to beat.

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves. – Henry David Thoreau

What does warmth mean to you?  Leave me a comment below and let me know your idea of warmth….