Bali Trip 2014: Day 10: Sanur Chillin’ (Part Two)

What really Happens In Bali?  Well if you believe TV and mainstream media it is nothing but drinking and crazy risk taking.  Well here is our version – stay tuned for our quick 2 week escape from Australia heading over to Bali and Kuala Lumpur.

Well after the crazy nothingness that was yesterday we were ready to relax today and just chill.  Last two trips to Bali we had done lots of day trips and exploring – this time we were just excited to kick back and enjoy being in this magical part of the world.

Today’s Program:

  • Food
  • Spa
  • Shopping
  • Food
  • Shopping
  • Spa
  • Food (and Formula One)

*Another fun day – really noticed a pattern there…..

Breakfast this morning we decided to head out and explore some of the Sanur restaurant options.  We ended up at the lovely little pub Wicked Parrot. I know it isn’t exactly the most “Glamorous” place to have breakie but we liked the look of the menu and wanted to give it a try.


Wife had the bacon and eggs on toast, which came with Juice and Coffee


I opted for the English Breakfast – both meals were more than plentiful and well lets be honest you can’t really stuff up Bacon and Eggs.  All up came to Rp201k.


Being a Sunday we thought we would head down to the Sand Beach Bar & Restaurant because last time they were here there was a lovely little Sunday Market, where the Dan went crazy buying every earring that wasn’t nailed down. 

Unfortunately the market has slipped somewhat with really only a handful of vendors and nothing of any really interest – so we didn’t end up buying anything.

Spa Time

Well with shopping out the window the next best thing on offer was to have the first spa treatment of the day.  We split our resources this time – I headed back to Angel’s Spa for a 1 hr Balinese Massage (Rp100k); they did a great job, especially since my back was still quite sore from the sunburn a few days ago, they did a nice cream rub on my back! Dan went to try a new little spa place up North of Jl Danau Tamblingan called – Black and White Spa – she had the Hair Treatment for Rp90k – and absolutely raved about the place.  It looks brand new and is exceptionally clean and the staff are quite nice.


After our treatments we met back up at the wife’s Second Home – Kapal Laut – This place is a man’s worst nightmare, some really lovely jewellery at reasonable prices….. They do however provide a number of “Man Seats” so you are going to be quite comfy.   The sales staff are very friendly and always up for a chat, the lovely lady helping us also helped correct some of my poor Bahasa Indonesian skills. 

She also provided one of the funniest quotes of our holiday – “Are you on your honeymoon?” I reply “No married 9 years” and she responds “How can you be married 9 years – you two look like you still love each other!” – Brilliant.

Anyway it only cost us Rp1.million – for 4 pairs of earrings, a ladies bracelet and a mens bracelet – I have a feeling the men’s bracelet was purchased so I couldn’t complain about the spending.


We went for a bit of a long walk down to the beach and along the beach path, neither of us were too hungry at this point.


Dan found her new “Bali Dream House” this place up in North Sanur was absolutely huge and I think we would lose each other for a week in this place.  One day…..


Had to put this one up – I do just love Warung Doner Kebab – only for the name, I have never felt the calling to head in there but the name alone is funny.


Walked back down the beach path and made it all the way down near Hardy’s so by this point were ready for some lunch.  Ended up at Warung Coconut Tree on Jl Danau Tamblingan (No. 68).  It is a really funky little place, I think owned by the people who run Warung Little Bird up further north.


Great decor in the place, not huge only about 6-8 tables so it can get a bit tight.  Thankfully if you have a late lunch like we did it was quite empty.


Had a couple of Nasi Gorengs and 2 rounds of drinks all up for Rp150k.  Food was really tasty and the Nasi had a really great flavour about it.  Would definitely recommend coming here.


After lunch we popped across the road to Hardy’s Supermarket.  To the Sanur uninitiated – Hardy’s is literally the centre of the universe.  When you are describing places to people you always liken it to “Above Hardys or Below Hardys” – it is a 2 floor combination of souvenir and grocery store.  You will find most of the Market Souvenirs here and most are at pretty fantastic prices.  Plus the grocery store is well stocked. 

We stocked up on all our Souvenir essentials as well as our food and drink essentials – all up we paid Rp263k upstairs and Rp352k downstairs in the grocery store. 

Dinner – Formula One

Long time readers of our blog will know that we are massive Formula One fans – so whenever we are in Bali we need to ensure there is a TV within view.

Plenty of sports bars in Sanur – the only problem being June was that most of them were showing AFL – so a little frustrating.  Ended up at Jimmy’s Sports Bar & Restaurant – absolutely give these guys mad respect, once the race started they had every single TV in the place tuned to the Formula One and the volume up high.   Always enjoyable watching Formula One in Bali because it is 2 hours earlier than it is back home in Brisbane.

We were not particularly hungry but ended up getting a couple of Nasi Gorengs to help wash the Bintangs and Cocktails down.  All up Rp230k.

Sadly the Austrian Grand Prix didn’t go too well for our Aussie boy Daniel Ricciardo but was a nice race to watch anyway.  Afterwards we headed back to the hotel for bed. 

You will be happy to know that tomorrow we are actually heading out for a quick day trip with our good friend Fredy.

Liked anything you heard from today’s blog?  Here is the summary of places we visited and their websites (where I could find them):




  • Angel’s Spa
  • Black and White Spa

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