Bali Trip 2014: Day 6: Amed Exploration

What Really Happens In Bali?  Well if you believe TV and mainstream media it is nothing but drinking and crazy risk taking.  Well here is our version – stay tuned for our quick 2 week escape from Australia heading over to Bali and Kuala Lumpur.

Early start this morning – one thing you will notice is you tend to wake and sleep by the sun – the moment that gigantic fireball creeps over the horizon you will be awake.  Don’t worry though its a great time to start you day.

Today is all about exploring Amed:

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Repeat until you are relaxed


In a word – Wow! Seriously worth opening your eyes for.


The curtains in the room do not exactly block out the light – so once that sun starts to come up you will likely be awake.



See what I mean?  So amazing! The peace and tranquillity, it is really hard to not just feel instant calm when you are sitting back watching this of a morning.  No matter what Bungalow you are in you will have this view!


We headed downstairs for an early breakfast; the room rate includes a light breakfast – it isn’t a huge range but there is enough to keep you satisfied.  We ended up having: Cheese Jaffle / Fried Eggs on Toast / Pineapple Juice and Bali Coffee.


This is the view of Downtown – Bunutan! Pretty quiet and Laid back.

Exploration Time:

We hired two motorbikes from Titi Sedana – as mentioned price was Rp50k each.  Now I will admit at this point – neither of us had ever ridden a scooter before – but how hard could it be? Thankfully the streets of Amed are really great to learn on – very little traffic and very understanding locals.

We jumped on the scooters and just headed off.

First up was Warung Pantai in Jemeluk; a great little place on the waterfront we stopped off here for a drink (non-alcoholic of course).


The lovely view from Warung Pantai – we stopped here just for a quick Coke and some water.  Just to refuel.  You know learning to ride a motorbike is tough.


Downtown Jemeluk – This is the mainstreet of town – you will notice a slight difference from the streets of Legian.

While you are at Warung Pantai they have some lovely little bungalows available – for about Rp200k per night.  They looked amazing.

So after our refreshments we continued on exploring.


The benefit of being on a scooter is that you are really a part of the landscape, you can stop whenever and just take pictures.  No need to park the car and get out (urgh so much effort).  This scene was just as we crossed a little bridge heading south towards Lipah.


Feel free to take random laneways, just see where you end up.


This is looking towards what I believe is Lean Beach – to the right is Sails Restaurant.  These colours are totally unfiltered – that is the glorious clear blue water! Even from up here you can see the reef right off the beach.


So many beautiful little places to stop – and plenty of Homestays and Bungalows available along this route.  If you are adventurous and willing to get around on a scooter it opens up a huge chunk of this area.

I was a little worried about travelling on scooter, but honestly this terrain is such that you don’t really get up to much speed – and the locals were really cautious and considerate around us; giving us plenty of room when overtaking.


By this point we had absolutely worked up a bit of a thirst – so decided to stop at the funky little Imbuh Rock Island Restaurant.  What an amazing view – this place is literally perched atop a giant rock outcrop sticking out into the water.  We didn’t try the food but they have some amazing looking seafood options.  We just stopped for a couple of drinks (non-alcoholic again – gee this whole being a responsible motorbike rider thing does take a dint out of drinking time).


Ok so officially lunch time now – we headed back down to Jemeluk and parked up at the lovely little Sama Sama Cafe & Bungalows.  Located directly next to the beach – you can’t get a better spot than this!


Couple of nice fresh juices to start – Pineapple and Orange Juice


For Lunch – Grilled Prawns in Garlic Sauce / Nasi Goreng

All up lunch was Rp105k.  We stuck around a bit after lunch just to sit and relax and watch the world go by.  This will be a perfect place to snorkel tomorrow – the Cafe has a number of lounge chairs on the beach – and you can rent them for Rp50k per day.  I think we might be back tomorrow.

We headed back to the Titi Sedana just to chill for a little while – read a book and just relax.  I decided to head out later on and try to catch some shots of Sunset along with a sneak of that magical Mt. Agung Volcano.


If you head back up to the point looking back towards Jemeluk – you will get a great view of Sunset.  It is a very popular spot, most of the tourists and locals tended to congregate here to watch the sun drop below the horizon.


Stunning Colours and look at Mt. Agung seriously huge!


What a magical ending to another day in Paradise – the pace of life here in Amed is a serious step down from Legian.  You will also find it really tough to spend money in Amed – there are no tourist boutiques and no shops really at all.

Back to Titi Sedana for dinner – the homestay is literally like that “a homestay” – Ketut and Wayan make an effort to ensure every guest feels welcome and they are always on hand to help with advice and a chat.  Dinner tonight – well why change what works – Nasi Goreng / Chicken Sate / Banana Pancakes.

Our spending summary for the day was:

  • Bike Hire – Rp100k
  • Warung Pantai – Rp40k
  • Imbu Rock Island – Rp24k
  • Sama Sama Cafe & Restaurant – Rp105k
  • Dinner @ Titi Sedana – Rp210k
  • Total Daily Spend: Rp479k

Returning up to our room after a totally relaxing – absolutely nothing day – just cruising around and stopping at random places for drinks and lunch.

Liked anything you heard from today’s blog?  Here is the summary of places we visited and their websites (where I could find them):

Food & Drink:

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