Bali Trip 2014: Day 5: Escape to Amed

What Really Happens In Bali?  Well if you believe TV and mainstream media it is nothing but drinking and crazy risk taking.  Well here is our version – stay tuned for our quick 2 week escape from Australia heading over to Bali and Kuala Lumpur.

Moving day today – we decided we would spend a few days exploring the eastern area of Amed. A chance to experience a slower pace to Bali – what some have said is like Kuta was 20 years ago.

Todays Highlights:

  • Legian to Amed
  • Tirta Gangga Water Palace

*Sorry not a lot on today – Moving Day*

Bit of a hazy morning this morning, little humid.  Spent the morning cramming all our purchased roughly into our bags then headed out to Breakfast.


We decided to go a little bit local for breakfast and stopped off at Warung Yogya down the road from the hotel.  Nothing like a Nasi Goreng for Breakfast to start the day.  I am not 100% convinced that the poor woman was actually open but when we asked if we could get Nasi for Breakfast she was happy to oblige.  And I think officially the cheapest Breakfast of the holiday (Rp45k for 2 Nasi Goreng and 2 Waters).


The lovely well appointed Restaurant of Warung Yogya.  Nothing flash but the food is fresh and well cooked.

Driver With Distinction to Amed – Mandika (Norman)

As you would have seen from past blogs whenever we are in Bali we always use the Driver with Distinction Team; We have had amazing experiences with Fredy, and Norman (now Mandika) before and all of the drivers are fantastic.  Unfortunately Fredy was booked today but he arranged his good mate Mandika to come take us to Amed.  I know that every tourist to Bali has “THE BEST” driver – but honestly these guys are fantastic – not the cheapest drivers around but they will always take you to amazing places and also know all the special secret spots to avoid the touristy trails.

Mandika used to be known as Norman, but due to some other less than professional drivers using that same name he decided to change his name online to avoid confusion.

Mandika arrived nice and early to take us up to Amed, the drive is about 3 hours depending on traffic but we actually made great time.  The scenery is amazing along the road, such a wide variety of scenes and experiences along the way.


The road to Amed, Green and lush farm land as far as the eye can see.  Such a different landscape to that on the West at Legian where we left this morning.


There are a few places you can stop along the way if you want to break your journey up – it also makes sense because you can tick off a couple of places along the way.

Tirta Gangga Water Palace – We had seen this place in passing last year when we were out for a drive with Fredy but didn’t go in.  So Norman took us here for a bit of a look around.  Tirta Gangga is that water palace that was built by the royal family back in 1948.  It is a collection of lush gardens and pools, as well as the centrepoint eleven tired fountain.


Stunning pools and walkways – lots of fish stocked into the pools as well – you can buy small bags of feed if you would like to feed them.


An amazing collection of ornate statues throughout the gardens, each ever so slightly different.


The fantastic Eleven Tiered Fountain in the middle of the complex.  I am told the water is extremely clean spring water – I wasn’t too game to try it.


Mandika however was more than happy to sample the water.  This is a beautiful place to spend some time wandering the gardens.


We continued on to Amed to find our homestay.  Now if you haven’t been to Amed before it is easy to get a little confused as to locations etc.  We booked to stay at the Titi Sedana Homestay which is in the town of Bunutan, this is just up the hill around the point from the main Snorkel/Dive area of Amed called Jemeluk.


This is the view from the point just up from Jemeluk – the bay you see with the boats is the Jemeluk Dive area.  There are plenty of little warungs and homestay/cafes you can hang out at.

As a hint – if you stay round in Bunutan you will likely need a Motorbike to make it easier getting back there to snorkel – its probably what I would call the Main Street.  However, it is also reasonably easy walking if you are particularly energetic (we are not!).

Titi Sedana Homestay

We booked to stay at the Titi Sedana Homestay, this place is not on the beach, instead it is up the hill so the bungalows all go up the hill each with a view of the stunning water.  If you are not good with stairs this is definitely not the place for you, Bungalow 1 and 2 are not too bad to get up to but Bungalow 3 and 4 are a bit more of a walk.

That said the pay-off is a stunning view of the water and a bungalow almost totally cut off from the rest of civilisation.  A perfect spot to sit and relax for a few days.


The patio and entrance to Bungalow 3.  Each bungalow is on a different level so you have nothing in front of you.  There is a nice sunlounge and a table and chairs.  Perfect for sitting back and watching sunrise.


The room is basic but more than sufficient.  There are two wardrobes you can use to store you clothes and valuables etc.  No safe in the room however the wardrobes have locks to secure your things.  The other great thing is the Price – Titi Sedana was only about Rp250k per night (breakfast included).  At that price I think I would be happy to retire here and live forever.


This is the pay-off however, a lovely view of the ocean.  Seriously quiet – I found once we had settled in we just sat on the patio and did nothing – just sat quietly and watched the world spin.  This is relaxation.

We decided to go for a bit of a walk to explore the area and see what’s around.  There are plenty of other homestay  accommodation options – which also means you have a wide selection of restaurants to choose from.  However, Titi Sedana has a Warung at the front as well, and such is the quality of the food that many people come from other nearby homestays to eat here.

To explore much further you will definitely need a motorbike – now I know you have all heard those warnings – DONT RIDE BIKES IN BALI – and I have often given those warnings.  Amed however is different, the streets are very quiet and there are very few crazy tourists like you see down at the beach.

Thankfully Wayan & Ketut at Titi Sedana can sort you out with a wide variety of services for you – one of them is great value motorbike hire, they have a number of their own bikes (and helmets) available for Rp50k per day.  So tomorrow we will take them up on that offer to explore a bit more.

We decided to eat at Titi Sedana tonight – save wandering around in the darkness, true to form we ate quite well:

  • Nasi Goreng
  • Chicken Sate
  • Chicken Steak
  • Bingtang & Pineapple Juice
  • 2 Balinese Crepes for Dessert

All up Rp145k for dinner was great value – sorry no pictures (don’t want to admit that we forgot to take the camera down to dinner).

We were actually pretty tired after dinner so headed back up to the room – watched a movie on the tablet and then off to bed.  Tomorrow we will try to explore Amed.

Liked anything you heard from today’s blog?  Here is the summary of places we visited and their websites (where I could find them):


  • Warung Yogya
  • Titi Sedana



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