Trip Report Asia 2013: Day 23: Ubud to Sanur

Our last morning waking up at the glorious Alam Jiwa Hotel in Nyuh Kuning Village.  We will certainly miss this place.  I would be content to spend at least a good month here if I got the chance, the pace of life at the Alam Jiwa is just perfect for us.


Sitting out on the balcony of the morning watching the sun rise just relaxing and enjoying life.


Our last breakfast – this morning back to the downstairs balcony.  The breakfast options here at the Alam Jiwa are really great, a lovely variety – it is best to order the day before especially if you want to have the Nasi Goreng for breakfast.


After breakfast we packed up and headed to Reception to wait for our man Fredy! This is the lovely pool deck here at the Alam Jiwa, we did actually get a chance to have a bit of a swim here this time which was lovely.  There are just too many things to do in this part of the world, hence why I need a month here to fully enjoy it all!

Fredy did an amazing job of fitting everything in the car this time – I think the fact that we had consumed a bit of the bintang and food made the job a bit easier.

Our next destination is the Tamukami Hotel in Sanur.  The Tamukami is a little bit of an older hotel, but it has great reviews and a lot of people say it is a comfortable stay.  The other benefit is that it is pretty good value for the area.


While we waited for our rooms to be ready we headed down to the bar for our complimentary welcome drink.


The pool area is lovely, with quite a few deck chairs.  You will notice that the clientele here is a little “older” than many other hotels – don’t worry it isn’t that bad, and besides at least you don’t have to worry about crazy drunken kids ruining your holiday.

We settled in to our rooms and then headed out to check out the beach area and to scope out some lunch.  Now I know that Sanur has a bit of a reputation as being “Sa’nore”  in that it is quiet.  We were not overly worried about that because well we are not the massive party type of people so were looking forward to a relaxing break.


Our first view of the magestic waters and those stunning blue skies – instantly hooked on Sanur!  We walked along to the Sanur Beach Markets – now as a warning those market ladies can be a little intense, don’t let them worry you, just a polite Tidak Terima Kasih and they will walk away.  But they are not overly aggressive and you can have a great chat with some of them.

We stopped at the Sanur Beach Market Bar and Restaurant for lunch, the service was really great, we had a couple of young school kids who were doing a bit of “work experience” serve us. They were adorable and such good fun.


The prawns were amazing, so tasty and a really good serving size!

After lunch we just took a nice stroll along the beach walk, this is a lovely pedestrian footpath that runs the length of Sanur, reasonably well maintained and free of cars (the odd bike though).  Stopped along the way at Tootsie’s Store.

Tootsie’s is a fixed price store similar to Ketuts or Miss Debbie’s in Legian.  No hassle and good fixed prices on market items.  There are a couple of other fixed price stalls around that area as well so do have a bit of a look around.  Plus once you know your prices from Tootsie you can use that to your advantage haggling in the other stalls.


Had to make a quick toilet stop along the way and well in Bali

Toilet Stop = Beer Stop

Stopped at the Sand Beach Club and Restaurant – lovely little place, great looking menu and reasonable prices for drinks.  We will have to pop back here and actually eat something.

Headed back to the hotel for a quick swim and a drink (got to finish off that duty free!).  We headed back to the beach for dinner tonight, like the look of the Inna Shindu Beach Hotel – they had a nice menu and the tables sitting out in the sand were lovely.


Restaurant was absolutely empty though which is never a good sign, but the food was great.  And the prawns just as lovely as those at Lunch.  I feel the next couple of days will be a Prawn induced food coma!

Decided on the way back to the hotel to stop off for a quick Post-Dinner drink so ended up at The Ducks Nutz Bar and Grill for some cocktails.  There was a great cover band playing some good classic rock tunes.  We had a great night here – a few “unique” Aussie patrons but otherwise quite a nice time.


Anyway headed back to the hotel for the night.  Tomorrow we will head off and explore Sanur a bit.

Thanks for reading, hope you have been enjoying our trip thus far, please feel free to leave a comment below.  Thanks again and see you tomorrow.