Trip Report Asia 2013: Day 22: Final Ubud Day

No major plans for today, was just going to be a casual day.  Today is our last day in Ubud so we plan on just heading back into town and people can go off to explore whatever they want to see.

But first things first – breakfast.



Back to the upstairs balcony this morning for Breakfast.  Oh as a hint the Jaffles are pretty good if you want to try something different.

We headed into town and started at the Ubud Markets for a bit of a wander around.  The new buildings have opened so it is a little bit better in there – though it is pretty tightly packed in there as to be expected.

We had a bit of a wonder around and had lunch at Sjaki Tari Us which is just on the other side of the soccer field in Ubud.  A lovely little restaurant that helps to support a wonderful charity/community group supporting children with disabilities.  Lovely simple food and you can feel good in the knowledge that you are helping a lovely community group.

It had been such a tough day to this point so we treated ourselves to a Massage/Treatment at Magic Fingers.  Fantastic value, 1 hour massage and 1 hour body scrub for 210k ($21AUD).  You can get seriously addicted to that kind of value!

Stopped off at Pissari Cafe and Restaurant for some happy hour cocktails and ended up sticking around and having dinner.  Their special this evening was the Babi Guling (Suckling Pig) I had been wanting to try this for a while, it was quite tasty.

Pisari-1It is a lovely setting actually, if you walk out the back the restaurant opens onto the rice fields, there are about 3 restaurants all sharing this lovely view.  As a warning though make sure you have some mozzie repellent  as the Mosquitos can get a little “bitey”
We were pretty early for dinner – when we walked in we were the only people in there.  As a side effect to that though – service was second to none!


We Ordered some Garlic Toast – and well – they are at least 100% accurate, Garlic TOAST.  So cute, tasted nice though, enough Garlic to add some good flavour.  Plus it helped with the cocktails.


Early dinner tonight and headed back to the hotel early to pack for tomorrow.  We are moving onto Sanur tomorrow – and looking forward to seeing our man Fredy do his version of Tetris again getting all our bags into his car again!

Thanks again for reading my travel blog – we hope you enjoy reading along on our holiday – please feel free to leave a message below if you enjoy our blogs.  Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow.