Trip Report Asia 2013: Day 20: Fredy Day Two

Another glorious morning this morning – for Breakfast this morning we decided to take it on the downstairs Balcony – I mean such choice of where to have Breakfast each day, it really is quite tiring.


The agenda for today is another tour with our No. 1 Driver – Fredy.  We wanted to check out Amed as we had heard nice things about it, and Fredy suggested a drive.  Since we had pretty much seen all the main temple sights and key Fredy secret spots we didn’t really mind not going to any places today but were happy to just let Fredy take us on a scenic drive.

On our way though we stopped and checked out the Penglipuran Village, which is a lovely old village, I believe one of the oldest in Bali.


Some seriously gorgeous little houses and a wonderful example of some classical Balinese architecture.


The entrance to the Village Temple – love the stonework on this.


Just your average typical Balinese Laneway.  Love the classic Balinese compound structures.  You can see in the houses some “new” and some “old” just by the style of the stonework.


Love this shot of Fredy and I deep in conversation – I think he wants to hire me as his assistant Tour Guide.

Amed is about a 2 hour drive away but Fredy took us his special way through the mountains which pushed it out to about a 4-5 hour drive.  We didn’t mind in the slightest we got to see some really cool little villages and places most tourists don’t usually check out.

Along the way we went through – Sideman, Klungkun, Candidasa, and checked out the Water Temple at Taman Ujun, before finally rounding the bend and arriving into Amed.



Some of the magnificent scenery around Sideman.


The classic Bridge at Sideman – lovely wooden bridge, apparently this is a massive improvement on the old one! Would have hated to see what it looked like.



Candidasa – didn’t spend long here, just stopped to take a couple of photos.  I didn’t “get” the vibe of the place, I know it is very popular with Aussies.  Not sure I would hurry back to stay there are a destination but perhaps it needs more investigating.


Mike and Fredy discussing life, the universe and everything.


This is the Water Palace – I think maybe our next house?

Amed is actually a combination of a number of small villages, the landscape is quite steep but there are a myriad of options for accommodation from high atop the hills to right on the beach.



By this time it was getting a little late in the day so lunch was in order, we stopped at Warung Wayan for a great meal, all up I think it can to about 200k for 4 meals plus drinks so incredible value!


Definitely loved Amed, think we will head back here again soon – not sure I could stay here for an extended length of time – it is a seriously laidback place, but certainly for a couple of days at least.

After lunch we were all totally tired, who would have thought spending the day just sitting in the car would be so tiring?  We headed back to Ubud, pretty much asleep in the car! Fredy dropped us off in town as we had plans for dinner.

Stopped off for a quick Pre-Dinner drink at Oops Bar, I was a bit knackered from sitting in the car all day and needed to pop over for a quick massage to fix my back at Oops Massage (between Oops Bar and Oops Gelato!) whilst the others did a spot of shopping at the Market

Dinner tonight at Nomads, the Balinese Tapas plate is amazing value and really filling for two people.  Don’t be tricked into thinking you will need anything else.  We did the 9 piece plate for 65k.



The tapas plate is 12 dishes, we just did the 9 dish plate and that was more than enough for two people.  Plus it let you save a bit of room for Dessert!



Jumped in the taxi and headed home (again 50k for the taxi to Nyuh Kuning – seems to be the going rate).

Even though we didn’t actually “DO” a lot today we were totally stuffed, so headed straight home and went to bed.  Tomorrow we have booked in to do the Paon Cooking Class so that will be another big day of food and fun!

Thanks again for reading along with my blog, as always let me know what you think of my posts by leaving a comment below.  Thanks for reading and I will see you all again tomorrow.