Trip Report Asia 2013: Day 13: Bali (Seminyak)

Our first morning in Bali – always an amazing time! The longest possible time between now and when you have to leave! As we were staying in a villa there was no breakfast included, this was a wonderful opportunity to explore some of the great little places along Jl. Double Six and onto the beach area. 

Breakfast – Tekor Bali

We decided this morning to have breakfast at Tekor Bali – Beachside Restaurant and BarFood was well cooked and service was lovely.  Really good value as well.  The setting is lovely facing out to the beach.




After breakfast we decided to walk down to Garlic Lane, we needed to stock up on some T-Shirts and clothes to get us through our next couple of weeks in Bali.  Also a great way to iniate Kate and Michael into the Bali Markets and the joy of bartering in Bali!

We stocked up at our two favourite fixed price market vendors – Miss Debbie and Ketut.  They are both located on Garlic Lane and are both lovely to deal with.  Also helps you to get a rough price guide in your head as to what you should be aiming for when bartering with other market vendors.

Next up it was Carrefour on Jl. Sunset Road to stock up on the “supplies” for the next couple of days – hint: that is basically just Bintang, Chocolate, Soft Drinks…etc.

Crystal Palace – Pre Dinner Drinks

After dropping off our shopping to the Villa we headed out to Pre-Dinner drinks at Crystal Palace Beach Bar.  This is our staple destination in Seminyak such a great vibe about the place, cheap cocktails and lovely service.  There are beanbags right on the beach and the perfect place to watch the sunset before dinner.  The food is also pretty good here so we did get a couple of pre-dinner snacks.


This place does get a little busy around sunset, so if you want to be guaranteed a beanbag on the beach you need to get here around 5pm and stake out your spot (have a drink or two as well).


Cheap happy hour cocktails as well, I think they were 2 for 80k from memory.


As I said the food is not bad either, well cooked and clean oil in their fryers (which is always a good sign).


A classic Bali sunset, the whole island seems to appear on the beach every afternoon to watch the sun set over the water.  Really great little spot for people watching and just to sit back and relax.

Dinner – Mozzarella Restaurant & Bar (Jl. Padma)

Dinner this evening we decided to splurge a bit (by Bali standards) and headed out to Mozzarella Restaurant & Bar.  A lovely little restaurant that serves great food and drinks – as well as has some of the nicest wait staff in town.  It was pretty busy tonight so am really glad that we had a reservation, no waiting and straight to our table.  The food here is really nice, tasty and well portioned – we started with the Seafood Wontons and I had the Surf&Turf.  The steak was cooked to perfection. 


All up for 3 courses and a few rounds of drinks it worked out to roughly 200,000k ($20AUD) per person which is fantastic value.

Back to the villa for a couple of late night drinks then we headed off to bed.

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow.